1.If you are experiencing issues with your child’s physical Chromebook and/or charger, please complete this form. Chromebook Device Support Form - Upon receipt of the completed request for support, a member of our “technology team”  will respond to your request within the next business day.  
2. Issues that do not relate to the physical device, kindly reach out to your building support personnel during the hours of 8:00AM to 4:00PM. All requests will be addressed 

in a timely fashion. 

CRES- Gayle Ostic       
CDMS - Stephen Toscano
CRPS- Rosalba Serrentino
District Level Support Staff
Dominick Petrillo (Network Engineer)
3. Replacing Device - The district will make every effort to support student Chromebooks. However, if a student Chromebook is in need of replacement, we cannot guarantee that a loaner device will be available. Please refer to the Colts Neck Township School District Student Handbook 1:1 (District - Issued Device Undergoing Repair)
A student will be issued a temporary replacement device ONLY when the student’s district -issued device is undergoing repair. IMPORTANT: A replacement device is issued upon availability.
4. Please refer to the Colts Neck Township School District Student Handbook 1:1  District 1:1 Student Handbook 
5. If a loaner device is not available, students are encouraged to use a device from home to support remote learning. Support will be provided to navigate the student’s Google account.  Please be aware:

Our district owned student Chromebooks are configured to use special web software to proactively monitor a student Chromebook 24 hours a day, please be aware that these web filtering services are not configured on non-district owned devices.