Shannon Filiano » Welcome to the T.I.P. Program!

Welcome to the T.I.P. Program!

Conover Road Elementary School
Literacy TIP Program
Grades 3, 4, and 5
Teacher: Shannon Filiano

 Room # 4
Voice Mail 5304
Welcome to the TIP Literacy Program
A fun place where students receive additional skill support in
reading, writing about reading and word study.
A safe place that empowers students to achieve their academic learning goals
and keeps the desire to learn alive in every child.
A program that first recognizes everyone as a learner and then supports each student as they take the risks needed to acquire new skills.


Feel free to e-mail me at 
Remember: There is never a question too big or too small! 
(When you call or e-mail, be sure to leave the best number to reach you at and a good time to call.)