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Welcome to CRES SciLab

Welcome to the CRES SciLab,  
Ms. Nancy Plumfield, ScienceTeacherthinking cap
The CRES SciLab is a place where science comes alive!  Students are encouraged to use their hands and their heads as they gather data and make decisions about our world.   For the 2019-2020 school year every student will be in the SciLab twice a week. Scientists at heart should check out the links on the right of this homepage.  If a link is not working, please email me.
  • For marking period 2 Grade 5 is studying matter and then going into the Mini-mini Grant process.
  • Grade 4 is learning about structures and functions of living things, with a focus on our five senses.
  • Grade 3 is elooking outside as we discuss weather and climate.