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Mini-min Grants

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  Mini-mini Grants
Attention CRES 5th Graders!  Is there something scientific you have always wanted to learn about?  Now is your chance.  Apply for a Mini-mini Grant from Ms. Plumfield.  If your grant application is approved, you will receive $12.50 to purchase things from the Educational Innovations catalog.  If two people work together they will receive $25 to spend.  After you receive the items, you need to learn about the science behind your item and share it at our Mini-mini Science Expo.  The expo is Thursday, February 27, 202 in the evening in the CRES cafeteria.  After the Expo all materials become the property of the SciLab.
Interested???  Here is what you need to do...
  1. Check out the Educational Innovations catalog or website.  Educational Innovations
  2. Decide which item or items you would like to learn about.  The total cost can not go over $13.00. ($25 if two people work together.  No groups of 3.)  If you purchase more than one item, the items need to help you learn about a similar concept.
  3. Fill out a Mini-mini Grant Application on line by midnight on Sunday, December 15, 2019.  These applications will be sent through Google Classroom to every 5th grader.
  4. Wait to hear if your grant was approved. (Ms. Plumfield will order the items during the winter break.)
  5. Work on your project during science lab class.  
  6. Share your work at the Mini-mini Science Expo.
  7. Feeproud of your accomplishment!!!
Not Interested???  Here is what you need to know...
  1. Every 5th grader will be working on a project during science lab whether you apply for a grant or not.
  2. All those who do not apply for or receive a mini-mini grant will be given a topic to study by Ms. Plumfield.
  3. Students who do not receive mini-mini grants will present their final project during science lab class rather than at the Mini-mini Science Expo.
  4. Feel proud of yourself!  You just finished a big project and shared your knowledge!

moving eyes Applications were sent to all 5th graders through Ms. Plumfield's Google Classroom page.

The criteria that will be used for approving Mini-mini grants. 
-  Deadline for submission of application is met.
-  Application is completely filled out.
-    If you are working with a partner, BOTH OF YOU need to fill out your own applications.
-  Information on the application is accurate.
-   Thoughtful answers are given on the application. 
-   Answers are written in complete sentences and punctuated correctly. 
-   Items selected fit the dollar limit.
-   Items selected are safe and appropriate for students. 
If you have any questions about this exciting program, email Ms. Plumfield at