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Monarch Butterflies

    Grade 3 students really love the monarch butterfly unit. To learn more about this fascinating creature, check out these links.
    • Click here for a short video made at CRES in 2011 about the monarch butterfly.Tagged Monarch
      • Click here to see the Google Earth video about monarch migration we watched in class.
    • Click here for the Milkweed CommunityPowerPoint we used in class.  Were there some plants and animals you were wondering about?
    • Click here to see a clip from the 3D movie Flight of the Butterflies. Look for the film at an IMAX theater.
    • Click here to read basic information about the monarch life cycle brought to you by the National Science Foundation.
    • Click hereto get information about the Butterfly Conservatory at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City.common milkweed
    • Click here to see a map of where monarchs have been seen lately.
    • Click here to watch a Cornell scientist out in a milkweed patch.  The close-up video is very nice.
    • Click here to listen to the monarch butterfly song.
    • Click here to learn about how plants spread their seeds.