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Owl Pellets & Ecosystems

  • Did you like the owl pellets song?  Listen again.  Owl Pellets Song.
    • Did you like the SmartBoard Ecosystem games we played in class?  Here is a link to those games.  The username is    pkwinter  and password is    trial.      This is a free trial that ends at the end of January 2015.  BiolBalance Logo
  • Are you interested in what eats what?  Here is a website which might help to answer your questions.
  • Here is what the digestive system of an owl looks like.  How is it different from a human digestive system?  We'll look into that next spring.  owl digestive system diagram
  • Here is a clip from YouTube that I just found  which shows a baby barn owl casting a pellet.  The pellet seems so large in comparison to the size of this cute little owl.