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  • Click here if you can't get enough weather information.  This is Weather Wizkids...a website developed by a young meteorologist just for you! 
    • Click here for National Geographic which has some amazing weather photographs. 
    • Click here for BrainPop.  Our login information is username  CRES  and password CRES.  There are many terrific weather videos to explore.
    • Click here if you would like to know the difference between hail and sleet or many other facts about weather. 
    • Click here to ask meteorologists from the Weather Channel about their job.
    • Click here to see what it looks like to fly in an airplane among the clouds.
    • Click here to watch the Cloud PowerPoint Ms. Plumfield showed in science lab.
    • Click here if you think your family or friends might like to pretend to be water vapor or a sewage treatment plant?  This is a link to the Water Cycle Reader's Theater script that we will hopefully have a chance to read in the science lab this year.
    • Click here for some information about the Water Cycle from the US Geological Survey
    • Click here if you and your parent want to try the "cloud in a bottle" activity.  You can find many versions of this experiment on the Internet. 
    • Click here if you would like to try your hand at predicting the weather in Kansas, which is part of "Tornado Alley."
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  • Click here if you are still interested in learning more about waterwater,water from the US Geological survey. 
  • Click here to watch a very nice video on groundwater.