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Class Contact List
I would like to use email as a means of communicating information regarding classroom events and activities.  Please help me by emailing me at  In your message please include your child's name (the name you would like me to use in school- example, Kim instead of Kimberly or Bobby instead of Robert) and your first and last name.  You may also include any other information you think may be helpful.  This initial email will not be seen by everyone so it's okay to include personal information.  I will then add your email to my contact list.  Another advantage of being on a class contact list is that you will be able to stay in touch with other parents of your child's classmates. 
I will not be sending out mass emails until I have received a response from every parent.  Since it is very likely that parents have not had a chance to visit my web page prior to the beginning of school, I will send home a note in your child's folder about joining the contact list.  Thanks so much for your help! :)