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Welcome to CRES Guidance Department

    732 946-0055 ext. 4312
As the school counselor for Conover Road Elementary School, I will
* provide individual and supportive group counseling
* organize School Wide activities to support character education
* meet with parents...building collaborative partnerships with parents and members of  
   the community enable our schools and students to keep pace with societal demands.
* communicate with your child's teacher(s) and help in the development of educational 
   strategies through the I & RS Committee
* help students develop a positive feeling about themselves and others
* helps students develop problem-solving techniques and coping skills
* remind students to respect cultural and individual differences, which will foster the 
   growth of our students.
* encourage all students to STAND UP for themselves and for others and CHOOSE to make a difference!
                                           "Be yourself. No one can say you're doing it wrong!"