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Conover Road Elementary School

The music program at Conover Road Primary School is designed to foster children's natural love of music. Like most programs at this level the goal is to provide rich musical experiences, discovering the fundamental elements of music through exploration. Students will experience music from a variety of styles and cultures and come to a greater understanding and appreciation by participating in the making of music. Through a thoughtfully designed sequence based on sound pedagogy, students will come to understand the power and beauty of music by harnessing children's interests and love of learning.

Music is at the core of the human experience. There are many benefits associated with the study of music. Positive effects upon student achievement in other core subject areas, meta cognitive skills, communication skills, self-discipline, and self-esteem, have all been attributed to involvement in musical activities. These are all ancillary benefits but perhaps the best of these is that the act of making music together helps students connect with their peers and fosters a sense of community, belonging and self-esteem; in essence music helps us to become better people.

In my classroom children will have many experiences designed to further their love and understanding of music. Lessons involve listening to, responding to, moving to, creating, performing and participating in vocal and instrumental music from a variety of cultures and historical contexts, and establish the fundamental components of musical literacy. Above all we will HAVE FUN!!!

If you have any need to contact me you may do so via email or voice mail (732 946-0055 ext. 5740)

Contacting the Music Teacher

Mr. B. Jay Willis
Ext. 5740

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